At Boldt Carlisle + Smith Certified Public Accountants, we believe that the right people working together will come to the right answers for our clients. Our team is comprised of innovative and strategic thinkers who are respected for their integrity and commitment to provide the highest quality accounting services to businesses, corporations, non-profits, government entities, individuals, and trusts. We form a partnership with our clients to further their goals through income tax services, financial statement assurance services, accounting and business consulting, estate planning, and computer support services.

Established in 1968, Boldt Carlisle + Smith is a certified public accounting firm offering tax, audit, accounting, estate planning, and computer support. We have offices in Salem, Stayton, and Albany. Please contact us today!

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Welcome Experienced CPAs Holliday and Zumach

Boldt Carlisle + Smith is pleased to welcome two experienced CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) to our team – Ross Holliday and Christa Zumach. Both work in our Albany office. Ross Holliday, CPA, CVA, CGMA, is an experienced CPA with extensive work in taxation, business consulting, and not-for-profit services. Ross worked with Johnson McGowan & Associates in…


Beware “Phishing” Scams; Improve Your Cyber Security

As we enter into tax season where you will be in contact with us, your CPA, and several other tax or financial organizations, we want to turn your attention to cyber security. Over the last several years, fraudulent returns have plagued the IRS and taxpayers alike. If you haven’t been affected, you likely have a…


Taxes and Tax Benefits to Expect from the Sale of Rental Real Estate

The local real estate market has been getting stronger over the past twelve months and listed properties are taking shorter amounts of time to sell.  Several of my clients have sold rental real estate properties in the past few months, so I think it would be a good time to review the taxes and tax…

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