Every time a new version of QuickBooks is released, clients ask us if they should update.  Some are intrigued by potential new functionality that may make them more efficient.  Others think they are required to do so.  Both scenarios may be true depending on your situation.

Generally, QuickBooks versions are good for 3.4 years.  Thus, if you have version 2011, you can continue using it until April of 2014.  Users on 2010 need to update to version 2013 by 5/31/2013.

For clients not required to update, there are many potentially compelling reasons to consider an upgrade to QuickBooks.  Here are two that we really like.

1.  The “Mark All” checkbox.  One example is the ability to mark all expenses as billable.  The ability to take actions like these in bulk are a great efficiency enhancement.

2.  The reports have been improved to allow you to expand or collapse section headers providing the ability to view only the information you need.


If you are not required to upgrade your version of QuickBooks, it may still make sense.  To get a full description of the new features, point your browser to http://quickbooks.intuit.com/pro/whats-new/.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our QuickBooks Pro Advisors, Deborah Sims, Kim Harrold, or Ann Kim.