Boldt Carlisle + Smith employees collaboratingInvesting in, developing, or owning real estate can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Boldt Carlisle + Smith CPAs and advisors have experience providing sound advice to individuals, business entities, and trusts or estates who own, develop, or invest in real estate.

Whether you own a single-family residential property that you derive rental income from, own property to develop, or have invested in an entity that owns multiple commercial rental properties, we have the professional resources and experience to help you with purchase decisions and transactions, operating choices, evaluating financing options, and tax planning strategies related to sales, exchanges, or refinancing of debt.

  • Partnership taxation issues relating to basis, debt basis, distributions, and capital structure
  • Partnership allocations and special allocations for income, deductions, and credits
  • Choice of entity and ownership structure
  • Determination of depreciable basis, selection of depreciation methods, elections, and calculations
  • Review of operating agreements
  • Review of loan documents
  • Loan amortization schedules
  • Use of Internal Revenue Code (IRC) sections 754, 734, or 743 involving ownership changes and basis step-up/down
  • Exchanges of like-kind property using IRC 1031
  • Tax calculations involving gains on sale and the different federal tax rates that apply to IRC 1231, 1250, and 1245 gains
  • Utilizing installment sales or electing-out of installment sales
  • Qualifying as a real estate professional for tax purposes
  • Tax return preparation and general tax planning
  • Ownership transition and family succession considerations
  • Tax benefit analysis of gifting ownership in real estate or entities

If you are an owner, developer, or investor in real estate, our CPAs and advisers can guide you through transactions or help you plan for purchases, operations, or sales.