QuickBooks® has become the  bookkeeping program of choice for small to large businesses.  Many of our  clients are using it to keep their finances in order. Our QuickBooks  Professional Advisors are ready to help you with all of your questions in  setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting QuickBooks® for any industry.  For  QuickBooks® advice or training: In Salem, contact Joy Huffman, and in Stayton, Kim Harrold. They are proficient in all  areas of QuickBooks® and are happy to help!

  • Company Setup – Start right from the start, Specific industry techniques
  • Review & Diagnostics – Keeping an accurate account, Assess and improve account structure, Troubleshooting
  • Payroll Support – Tax requirements, Reports and processing, Resolve payroll problems
  • Training – One-to-one, Classroom, New employee, Classes in Accounting with QuickBooks and Payroll with QuickBooks


1. Accounting with QuickBooks

You have learned your way around QuickBooks but maybe you are still not comfortable with the way it is working. Many times this can be traced to not understanding some of the underlying accounting principles or how QuickBooks handles certain situations. Our certified QuickBooks Professional Advisors can give you the knowledge you need to get the most out of your QuickBooks software.

Deborah Sims, a certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor and Staff Accountant at BCS will be teaching a four-hour seminar entitled, Accounting with QuickBooks. You will benefit from this class whether you are a beginner with QuickBooks or a seasoned veteran. You will benefit by learning:

  • Basic Accounting Principles, Debits & Credits
  • Posting and Financial Reporting
  • Accounting while using QuickBooks
  • What not to do in QuickBooks

Class size is limited to four students to maximize individual attention. The cost for each four-hour session is $120. Accounting with QuickBooks class is scheduled for December 12th at the Albany Office and December 13th at the Salem Office. See the bottom of this page for registration and schedule information.

2. Payroll with QuickBooks

This class will cover the correct setup, use and implementation of payroll in QuickBooks, facts about proper reporting and the accurate (and easily reconciled) method of accounting for payroll. We will also cover monthly, quarterly, and year-end reporting using federal forms in QuickBooks. Additional content covered includes: multi-state, IRA contributions, Earned Income Credits, and other complicated payroll items in QuickBooks. This class is taught by Joy Huffman, a certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor and Staff Accountant at BCS.

Payroll with QuickBooks is held once a quarter. The cost for each four-hour session is $120. See the bottom of this page for registration and schedule information.

To Register: Click here to submit your registration information electronically. After we receive it, we will phone you for billing information OR call us at (503) 585-7751.